Janji "Glogo" Enamel Pin
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Janji "Glogo" Enamel Pin

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Not many people know where the Janji logo shape comes from, or what it means. We call it the "glogo" (globe + logo) because it's a stylized representation of a Cahill-Keyes map projection of Earth. 

In the beginning of 2018, we updated our logo design to incorporate a ring encircling the glogo. We did this for two reasons: it visually reinforced the notion that we all share this planet as a home and that while we have to live in a reality with borders, the water that surrounds us (oceans) binds us all together. The Janji logo is a symbolic Pangea reflecting the belief that our global citizenry and respect for each other should transcend division and nationalism.

  • Metal pin with enamel front and back clasp
  • Size: 1" w x 1.25" h
Cahill-Keyes Map Projection, 2012

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