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Kubo Bandana

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These are not your typical bandanas. They are made from Kitenge fabric, brought into Uganda by Congolese immigrants, sourced by the Janji team in Fort Portal, a town on the western border of Uganda, and finished in Fall River, Massachusetts. They are super sturdy, made from plain weave cotton with a vibrant, dual-sided print. The Kubo Bandana will only get softer, more absorbent and better with each use.

These bandanas are truly transnational in origin and this fabric, known in East Africa as the 'the communicating textile,' is revered for representing the mood, politics and traditions of the different cultures within the region through geographically distinct colors, patterns, and symbols. Ugandan up-cycling artist Ruganzu Bruno specifically recommended we seek out Congolese fabric for the electric colors and prints. 

The name of our bandana is inspired by the Ugandan expression << Sezibwa Kkubo >> which means my path cannot be blocked! 


  • Made from East African Kitenge fabric brought back from western Uganda
  • Cut, sewn, industrially washed and finished in Massachusetts
  • Strong, durable yet lightweight cotton
  • Will get softer + more absorbent with use
  • Reflective logo on corner
  • Material: hefty, plain weave Kitenge cotton (de-waxed)

Size: 19.5" x 19.5"

note >> color is indicated on the bottom right of the fabric detail pics

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