The Janji Story
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Janji's Story

The evolution of a promise to fight the global water crisis.

Running On Water

Co-founders Mike and Dave ran the 10k at the 2010 NCAA Division III Outdoor Track and Field Championships on the hottest day of the year. Drenched in sweat, they were able to finish thanks to the hoses showering cool water on them as they ran, and the water stations located every 100 meters.

Running for Something Larger Than Oneself

Aware of the importance that water played in their race and all of the training that led up to it, they wished that everyone could have the same access to safe water. They spent the bus ride home discussing how runners like themselves could make an impact on such a critical problem throughout the world. They knew that runners are particularly attuned to hydration, and the impact that even the smallest sip of water could have on the outcome of a run. They also knew that runners are driven to be a part of something larger than themselves, forming running groups and training teams to motivate each other throughout the process. By the end of the bus ride, the idea of Janji had formed: what if they could connect runners like themselves to help support clean water initiatives throughout the world?

Running for Another

Mike and Dave knew that runners were charitable, but they saw that philanthropic running begins - and unfortunately ends - on race day. Janji is different. Through Janji’s high performance apparel, runners fund solutions and raise awareness for the global water crisis in a lasting and meaningful way. Rather than racing for a cause on just one day, Janji lets runners give back through their everyday training.

Janji means "Promise" in Malay

Our promise is to use the power of running to fight the global water crisis.