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Janji Corps

Want to be part of a running family that gives back? Join Janji Corps by applying here!

Janji is about giving back and building a community that raises awareness and funds solutions for clean water projects around the world. To make sure that we have the most awesome ambassadors in the world, we take great care in selecting members of Janji Corps. The process is extremely selective... but that only makes our small group that much more fun. 

Below are some of the expectations and benefits of being part of Janji Corps:  


Janji Corps Expectations 

Social Media 

  • Post Janji’s logo on your website/blog (if applicable). 
  • ‘Like’ Janji on Facebook and follow @RunJanji on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 
  • Follow and engage with other Janji Corps members. 
  • Add @RunJanj Corps member to your Twitter profile (if applicable). 
  • Interact with / mention Janji regularly on social media. 
  • Join Janji's Facebook group to engage in discussions with fellow members.
  • Join Janji during monthly Google Hangouts. 
  • Engage with Janji on special projects that promote brand awareness. 

Community Involvement 

As an early member of the Janji Corps, we want you to be committed to helping build that community and creating a better world through running. Work with Janji to develop ways that directly link your local community to the Janji community across the world. These could include:  

  • Hosting a training run. 
  • Sponsoring/organizing an aid station at a local race. 
  • Organizing a group of volunteers at a local race. 
  • Work with local running groups to organize meet & greet or group run 
  • Volunteering in your community - anything goes - from soup kitchens to Habitat for Humanity, to sharing a few hours of time landscaping for an elderly neighbor’s yard. Bonus points for pulling it off in Janji apparel. 

Training & Competition 

  • Notify co-founder Dave Spandorfer ( of events you’re participating in and your awesome results after the race!! 
  • Provide photos of yourself wearing Janji gear—ideally while you’re actually running. 
  • Wear the Janji singlet when racing! We want to see you rock it!!! 
  • Promote Janji as your running gear of choice. If possible, don’t openly promote other running apparel gear, even though we know you may wear othe brands from time to time… 
  • Participate, if possible, at Janji events and meet-ups in your area. 
    In Return Janji will… 
      • Give you a freaking awesome Janji racing singlet! 
      • Give you a really nice discount off all Janji orders! Woot woooot! But please do not share this with others. It’s a special privilege. 
      • Send exclusive samples of new gear so you can lend advanced feedback on new lines. 
      • Provide exposure of your incredible successes on Janji social media. 
      • Profile on 
      • Support special projects with Corps members like events, giveaways, etc. on a case-by-case basis. 
      • Insider news & updates on all things Janji. 

      Still want to apply? Click here!